Terpenes explained:

Terpenes are essentially molecules found in plants, flowers and fruit that provide their distinctive smell. Terpenes can smell nice but what can they do for our bodies? Science has baked up what aromatherapists have known for years, that terpenes can result in physiological changes in our bodies. The aromatic quality of terpenes is included in signature perfumes and colognes, natural flavoring beverages, and diffusers. This has allowed us to produce terpenes isolates and terpenes blends in variety of profiles such as sweet, fruity, tropical and many others. Most of us have heard of the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy oils such as lavender for relaxation but terpenes also provide unique benefits such as a way of helping plants survive in high temperatures. It is important for the consumer to better understand what they are looking for from our terpenes in terms of the taste and its effects.

Common terpenes and were they are found:

Linalool –  lavender

Limonene – lemons and oranges

Pinene – pine, rosemary, sage

Caryophyllene – black pepper

Myrcene – mango and lemongrass


Terpenes should not be confused with terpenoids. Terpenoids are terpenes that have been denatured by oxidation during the drying and curing process of the flowers.